This is my personal and family wesite. I had been using a Legacy Free Google Apps acount (10 users, email, etc...). Google as stopped granting such Google Apps so the writing was on the wall. I took a look at the 30 day free trial Google Apps for Business, when I saw the cost  I immediately canceled. I then found that my account had been lobotomized and had only one user and no email (it was my main emailaccount).

So it was time to start running my own servers, it's clear that I can't count on Google for critical services.


I was reading an add for the new google chrome book and thought about my recent experience with Google and their online services and support.  On the whole I think I'd give the ChromeBook a pass and stick to a device where access to my critical data is not at the whim of Google and their non-existent customer support.

Posted by Brian Beattie on 23, September 2013

Welcome Back  Article #4

This is the resurection of my old website.  Right now all I have is an intro page...

Posted by brianbeattie on 04, September 2013